Planning Your First Family Fishing Trip

Fishing is a great way to spend time with the family, encourage the kids to get outdoors, and is an activity that can involve all members of the family, no matter their sex or generation. Whether you’re planning a trip away, or are just heading around the corner, and whether you are planning for the whole family or arranging a day of bonding with your son or daughter, careful planning is important.


Why Go Fishing?

People fish for a host of different reasons. Some like the tranquillity, while others appreciate the camaraderie. Some enjoy the challenge of a difficult bite, while some prefer reeling in catch after catch. Planning a family fishing trip means that you need to try and accommodate all preferences.

New anglers will appreciate catching something, regardless of its size, and if you plan on cooking and eating your catch, then you should also consider the type of fish you are most likely to net. Some kids might be squeamish over touching fish, or even baiting the hook with live maggots or worms so consider fly fishing or an alternative means of bait, and offer encouragement when it comes time to work with the fish.

Fishing enables you to bond as a family, and encourages you to take up a hobby together. What’s more, you can enjoy the health benefits of freshly caught fish, and this can prove an effective way of encourage children to try fish for the first time, or to give fish another go. Fish is a healthy addition to a balanced diet, so introducing it to your son or daughter’s diet is a good idea.

Licences And Registrations

Do your research regarding the area you intend to fish. Different countries, different states, and even different fishing spots may have their own specific requirements. Typically, you will need a licence and registration, but you should check that you have any appropriate permission as needed, before you start your holiday.


It’s best not to get carried away on your first trip. Consider riverbank or even fish farm fishing, and buy some basic gear. At this point it’s not worth investing large sums in more advanced equipment, because one or more of your family members may not take to the whole fishing idea. Gerry’s Fishing offers a selection of fishing equipment for all types of fisher.

Plan For Bad Weather

Generally, the temperature will feel colder and the weather rougher when you are on or near the water. It can get quite cold even during the warmer months if you are boat fishing, while sea fishing means that spray from the water can result in you getting drenched even during the driest months. Of course, British weather means that you can never rely on good weather even in summer. Plan for bad weather, but do ensure that you are also prepared with sun cream, because it is also easy to catch the sun without realising.

Fishing Type

Pier fishing, sea fishing, kayak fishing, and even river fishing in your waders are some of the fishing opportunities and fishing types that can be enjoyed in the UK. If you have really young children, you should avoid kayak fishing and wader fishing. Choose a type of fishing that is most appropriate for everybody that is going, otherwise the group are less likely to enjoy it as a whole.


There really are places to fish throughout the UK and you may be surprised at how many local fishing spots there are. Take a look locally, and then broaden your search, to find the ideal location for the best type of fishing day, or plan a fishing holiday for the whole family.

Including Fishing As Part Of An Outdoor Activity Break

Alternatively, and because you don’t have to leave the UK to enjoy a great holiday, you can plan a fishing holiday, and you don’t need to limit your search locally. Keen anglers travel the world to fish some of the best spots, but if you want a lot of options in a relatively small area then you need look no further than The Lake District or the piers and beaches of the Fylde Coast. Combine fishing with other outdoor activities, like hiking and mountain biking, pack a tent and camping equipment, and you can enjoy the perfect active family break.

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