Primigi Shoes Review

We have asked three families to review some Primigi shoes for us and give us a critique based on comfort wearability and style.

Lucyshoes 2Mum & Dad Simon and Lucy with a girl Lois and boy Reuben. Lucy, is co-founder and editor of and
Lois tried Baby Nordic Cybill girl’s shoes: The Baby Nordic Cybill booties have become a firm favourite for my little girl. Lois is 16 months old and has only been walking for two months, so I like that they give a bit of ankle support. The thick rubber soles give her a good grip and make the shoes nice and robust. While initially being wary of the laces – surely too fiddly for busy mornings? – the shoes are beautifully made of good quality leather, making them easy to open wide when putting on (great for her high instep). The laces, while a little too long, can be doubled up to keep them safe and to deter her from fiddling with them.
Style-wise, though pink, they are not overly girly, which I like. More of a subtle dusky rose colour, they feature a hint of shimmer with little star and disc motifs to keep them fun. The almost metallic shade means they work with most outfits and, alongside the great quality, comfort and ease of putting on, this is another reason they score highly.
Reuben tried Aygo Cocky boy’s trainers:
These striking Aygo Cocky trainers are a lovely bright blue colour with a thin neon yellow trim along the sole, making them look really high-end. Already a thumbs- up from Mummy for style. In fact, I’d like a pair myself! My son looks super-cool in them and they’re easy to get on and off in a rush (do three-year-olds do anything slowly?), thanks to the elasticated laces and single Velcro strap.Lucyshoes 1 Design-wise, you couldn’t ask for more for an active little boy. Anti-shock cushioning in the soles and a generous shape means he has plenty of freedom of movement and his feet are both comfortable and protected, no matter how many walls he’s jumping off. They’re also surprisingly lightweight, and I love the fact that you can remove and wash the leather insoles (anatomically fitted to support busy feet), as when it comes to boys’ trainers, hygiene is key!

Mum & Dad Julie and Rob with daughter Lila. Rob is a stay at home dad He reports:
for Lila age 6 tried SP Trendy ORTHIA
“Wow, Daddy, they are so cool” —— and they are. Incredibly soft, comfortable and hard wearing, I would definitely recommend these shoes to anyone whose child likes to walks her dog, runs, plays and still wants to look cool.
Who knew six year old girls were so fashion conscience?

Parents Laurie and Gill, both working, have two children. They reported on their son Fin, who tried out: Boy TRENDY DIAMOND and parents reported:

Fin loves his. Very comfortable, easy for him to get on and off and they look great. He wore them to a christening and they looked very smart with chinos and a shirt, but could have easily paired them with jeans and a t-shirt.
Overall, very pleased with them.


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