Autumn & Winter comfort: Primigi with Gore-Tex®

The clocks have gone back in October and although there are some nice days, we do know winter weather is here in next few months.

Children should have at least two types of shoes for this season: high, with an insulating, good grip sole, waterproof suitable for the cold and rain. A lighter pair, with flexible soles and uppers, for time spent indoors in heated rooms.

PRIMIGI together with Gore-Tex® have shoes to protect and keep feet dry.

gore-texPRIMIGI shoes with GORE-TEX® have a special combination of being waterproof and total total breathability. The microscopic pores of the GORE-TEX® membrane, keeps out the wet, while excess heat and sweat escape easily.

Children want to enjoy the outdoors, even (ok especially!) in snow, and in puddles too. GORE-TEX® INSULATED COMFORT shoes, are what parents want to protect their child.


Primigi of course has style!

To incorporate the good looks with practicality and most of all protection withgore-tex comfort, the expertise of Primigi succeeds well in the Autumn and Winter seasons. Gore-tex membrane, inserted between the lining and the upper, has 1.4 billion micro pores per square cm, 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, but 700 times larger than a molecule of water vapour. As a result the water does not pass through while perspiration is released easily.

Many of their shoes are the must-have of the season: all super trendy.

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