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Scosche RHYTHM, a pulse monitor designed to help accurately monitor any fitness workout– including pulse rate, calories burned, speed, pace, route and distance – allowing you to see exactly how they are getting on. If you are going to work hard its always good to know just how hard you have worked. The proud user of this device used 1200 calories at one work out. For the more serious sports person the pulse, speed and pace is great to get you working efficiently. Its easy to read and set up – a must for anyone wanting to improve allround fitness.
Scosche Rhythm
The Scosche Rhythm yellow and pink is available now from Apple Stores for £99.99.

The Scosche Rhythm is the world’s first lightweight, pulse monitor that attaches to your forearm. Thanks to its Bluetooth technology, the device can be controlled wirelessly through a smartphone or tablet application, allowing the user to manage pulse, calories burned, distance, speed and pace. The Rhythm also allows it user to have their own personalized home page, route mapping and work out summary that is tailored to its user’s workout schedule. It’s not all about the body though, as the Rhythm also entertains your mind by streaming music wirelessly whilst you work out.


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