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What better time than Christmas to get the family together to play games. Rascals have the great selection of games to either bring out your ‘really nasty’ side, either as a banker or a gambler, or see how well you know your significant other or best friend with the hugely popular Mr & Mrs Family and Pocket Editions.

Mr & Mrs

Based on the popular All Star Mr & Mrs hit ITV show hosted by Phillip Schofield, where players are challenged to answer in-depth and entertaining questions about their partner, friends or family members.  The new Pocket Edition is suitable for age 10+ and allows fans to play whilst on the move.  It has over 300 questions and is guaranteed to cause laughter, blushes, blank looks and a whole lot more! A little concerned this may start a family fight but instead everyone found it really interesting with some of the answers fascinating!

Mr & Mrs Family Edition RRP £19.99 from Debenhams, John Lewis, WHSmith, Amazon, Next, House of Frasier Mr & Mrs Pocket Edition RRP £9.99


The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game

You can enjoy a ‘day at the races’ when playing this devious family board game. Just like a real race meeting, players race their horses around the board to win at all costs. Be devious, bet your own horse or someone else’s but don’t tell anyone who you’ve bet on. For 2 to 6 players or teams and ages 12 to adult. This was great fun ducking and diving round the board with some wily betting!  Available to buy from: Debenhams, Amazon RRP £30


The Really Nasty Bankers Game

The Really Nasty Bankers Games by Rascals is the family-friendly board game for 2 to 6 people aged 12+ all about double-crossing, scheming, bluffing and greed. Players will look the picture of innocence, knowing they’ve gambled too much of the bank’s money, hoping that nobody has the nerve to challenge them.

Available to buy from: Debenhams, WH Smith, Amazon RRP £30              


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