RED 2 Review

Dean Parisot brings the gang together again, as the Retired and Extremely Dangerous agents return to the big screen with a bang – fired provocatively by Helen Mirren.

The plot of the fast action – comedy sequel unravels as Frank Moses is reunited with his team in an attempt to track down a missing, lethal device that could change the balance of world power.  Their quest is challenged by relentless assassins, ruthless terrorists and power crazed government officials, following their journey from Paris, to London and Moscow.

The romantic, naïve relationship between Frank Moses and Sarah, played usually against the sound of bullet shells hitting the floor, strengthens with every scene. And if someone is making a statement comeback, than Sarah is definitely top of the list as she drives fast, seduces embassy officials and shoots!

Catherine Zeta Jones joines the powerhouse cast as Willis’s old flame who ‘can still play him like a banjo at an Ozark’.  Anthony Hopkins is Edward Bailey, the mastermind behind the lethal weapon and the eccentric old man knitting a plan of his own.

While John Malkovich is still the likeable, paranoid maniac, Helen Mirren proves that she couldn’t leave her old ways behind as she announces her involvement in the mission while casually dissolving some bodies in an acid bath.

If you haven’t caught Red 2 in the cinema, it’s worth keeping an eye on the DVD as it would make a delightful Sunday watch! — when you’re child is over at the grandparents.

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