Rescue Dogs The Essential Guide

A dogs isn’t a suitable Christmas present but this good is! A ‘must have’ book for anyone considering adopting a rescue dog. Adopting a rescue dog is fast becoming the preferred method of acquiring a family pet. There are over 8 million dogs in Great Britain and almost 2 million of these have been rescued.

This essential guide addresses the major points one should consider before taking in a dog and re-homing it.

It covers general issues about owning a dog and thinking about adopting as opposed to buying from a breeder, and welcoming a rescue dog into the home.

Other chapters cover: First aid basics for dogs; choking and resuscitation; safe transport; common injuries and illnesses and much more.

Written in easy to understand language and including questions to ask when adopting a dog, the book is essential reading for all dog lovers.

ISBN: 978-1-91329-602-5  £9.99

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