Retirement Independence

What’s great about retirement – and why your parents can still retain their independence

The changing age of the UK population is a hot topic right now and it’s estimated that by 2033, 3.3 million citizens will be over the age of 85. Retirement should be the time when your parents can indulge their passions, spoil the grandchildren or set themselves a new challenge. One of the best ways to ensure that the whole family will enjoy peace of mind and security in later years is to look at future housing needs.

 Retirement isn’t just about relaxation

An increasing number of over 65 year olds state that they don’t know how they ever found the time to work given their numerous activities in retirement. Whether it’s offering their services to the community, exploring the countryside or taking up bicycle riding, contemporary retirement is all about being active and keeping busy.

Retirement flats for sale are just one way to ensure your parents’ security and safety and allow them to continue to live life to the full. You’ll also be able to stay with them as these developments come with special accommodation for visiting families and friends.

Independence is vital

In May 2013 the House of Lords celebrated the formation of the Association of Retirement Community Operators (ARCO). Speaking about the changes in attitude towards those in their retirement years, an ARCO representative stated:

 “Everyone should be able to live their later years to the full within a positive and stimulating environment whilst retaining their independence for as long as is physically possible.”

 If you just glimpse at a list of activities in any neighbourhood across the country, you’ll see that hiking groups, choirs and silver surfing are among the leading interests of older members of society. The days of granny sitting quietly at home, dozing in the chair seems to be a thing of the past.

Keeping fit will help promote a healthy retirement

Ill health and lack of mobility are worries that all age groups face, but these fears grow as we get older. Many people find that if they continue to exercise, go to yoga classes and even take up Tai Chi they are able to maintain their suppleness and therefore benefit from their extra free time.

The world’s oldest yoga teacher, Tao Porchon-Lynch has had a hip replacement operation but continues to enjoy imparting her skills at a youthful 94 years of age. If you are talking with your parents about their future, you are already helping the whole family. Those who delay this conversation or shy away from the fact that everyone grows old should realise that retirement can be a time of joy rather than worry, and some careful planning can ease the transition to this new phase of life.

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