The benefits of activity day camps

The benefits of activity day camps during the school holidays.

campsBarracudas offers outstanding quality activity day camps for children aged 4½ -14 years.

Value for money and flexible hours from 8am-6pm makes them a great choice during the Easter and summer holidays.

Activity camps are an excellent option for meeting your childcare needs for a number of reasons, including being cost effective, flexible for working parents and of course, lots of FUN! But what’s more, children also stand to gain a whole host of long-term benefits that will stand them in good stead for years to come.

New hobbies and experiences

Activity camps offer the opportunity to try out a whole host of new activities. At Barracudas, children can take part in a wide variety of activities ranging from swimming and archery to arts and crafts.

Exercise and spending time outdoors

Children nowadays have a whole host of indoor entertainment options they can enjoy while remaining pretty sedentary. CampsBut we know being active and spending time outdoors can help their long-term mental and physical health. That’s why, activity camps like Barracudas, can help all children develop a lifelong love for being active and healthy.

Self-esteem and confidence

Trying new activities, children may find they have particular skill or strength they didn’t know about previously, which will boost their confidence. It will also help make them more confident in dealing with new situations, so they’ll less likely to fear change in future.

Social skills

The experiences shared at activity camps often help forge long-lasting friendships for many children. Plus, they’ll get to meet a different set of people to their usual school friends, which will help build their confidence for meeting new people.

Interested in trying an activity camp near you?

Barracudas offers 35 Easter camps and 46 summer camps with action packed programmes with over 80 activities including motorsports, fencing, sports, arts and crafts, aquaslide and many more.

Their camps also come highly recommended by parents and reviews can be seen on

These popular camps sell out fast, so to secure your child’s place please call 01480 467567 or visit now!

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