The Power of the Sea brought to your Skin

Funderm products are made from natural ingredients. They contain prebiotic, probiotics and Dead Sea minerals. They have utilised these natural powers in their collection of skin-enhancing products. Their mission is to improving skin health and appearance.

They offer six products

Lavi Davi Gummies

No Drama Natural Red Clay Mask

Was Bad Invisible Anti-Pimples Gel Treatment

24/7 Oil Free Moisturiser

Clean Master Toner Refreshing Toner

Clean Master Foam Gentle Cleansing Foam

Their ingredients include: Maris Aqua which relieves skin ailments such as acne, clogged pores, dry and flaky skin, and fights off infections. Boron, Bromide, Calcium & potassium have been proven to prevent infections, clear pores & treat pimples. Minerals such as magnesium, sodium and potassium enhance your skins’ ability to retain moisture, making it soft and smooth.

I tried.

24/7 Oil free moisturiser, £35

This oil-free 3-in-1 moisturiser boosts hydration, calms irritation and smooths skin. I liked the feel and smoothness.

NO DRAMA Natural red clay mask, £38

Their 5-in-1 treatment which brightens dark spots, maintains skins elasticity, treats pimples, purifies skin and balances the skins microbiota. You apply this with its own applicator to clean dry skin. It did tingle as it dried which took about 5 minutes. It was easy to wash off and left my skin clean and my glowing.

There website has a nice feature “Not sure which program to choose?” Send them a message and they will try to help. Funderm products are cruelty free and dermatologically tested.

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