Top 10 New Products for the Family

Rubber Wonderbroom from JML

The only broom you’ll never need!

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, wet or dry, the Rubber Wonderbroom (£9.99 from is the perfect all-in-one appliance that will effortlessly clean your home.

The Rubber Wonderbroom (WATCH VIDEO HERE) can be used on kitchen tiles, carpets and even to clean your windows. Unlike ordinary brooms where the bristles can separate, leaving noticeable dirt behind, the Wonderbroom’s specially designed rubber bristles catch every last bit of dirt to ensure your home is gleaming from top to bottom.

 The rubber bristles are so effective you can also use it as a mop. Mop your dirty floors and then simply flip over the head and use the built-in squeegee to wipe up the remaining foam! The rubber head also ensures the broom itself is easy to clean, so there are no nasty bacteria or germs left to build up over time.

Featuring an adjustable telescopic handle, the broom is easy to use and lightweight, making difficult corners super easy to reach. The slim and compact design also means the broom can be easily stored away when you’re not using it.

 Rubber Wonderbroom from JML is available for just £9.99 from and selected stockists. Make cleaning easier this summer!

rubber mop


  • Something new and brilliant to guarantee peace from insects at your picnic!
  • These are 100% Natural sprays that keep Wasps, Midges and Mosquitoes away SAFELY with no added chemicals! We have even used edible plants like delicious Lemongrass to keep your food safe from contamination.
  • Just spritz The Lemongrass Trading Company’s delicious natural Wasp Spray over your picnic area – it’s truly amazing, the Wasps just GO! It works!

So, you’ve spread out the perfect picnic, the fruit, the salads, the cakes, the bunch of wild flowers… it all looks beautiful. And then the screaming starts. Children start batting wildly round their heads, grown ups clutch lurching drinks as they try to stay cool, that centerpiece cake, the one you spent too many hours making, is a-buzz with something nasty. Try Lemongrass Wasp Spray now from

But be aware: there are many commercial insect sprays against Wasps and Midges, but the chemicals they use can be unsafe at a picnic, where it’s hard to target wasps without spraying the food. Some sprays are even toxic. Most insect sprays smell horrible, and are full of chemicals you do not want on your food or your family. The chemicals hang in the fresh air you were hoping to breathe.

But there is a greener way to keep away those wasps, midges and mosquitoes (actually the sprays work on horse flies too). The Lemongrass Trading Company has developed a brand new Anti-Wasp Spray that no one has done before! We’ve made a safe green insecticide using only plant-based natural ingredients. It effectively keeps away the bugs while being makes effective ‘green’ insecticide sprays, using only 100% Natural plant-based ingredients, with no added chemicals to harm you, your home or the environment.

There are 3 Lemongrass Trading Company Insect MiniSprays (50ml) ANTI-WASP ANTI MIDGE & MOSQUITO SPRAY Price £7.95 post free from

This smells as good as it works!

lemon balm

The Raw Shea Butter hair care range from SheaMoisture

It’s what moisture-starved hair has been crying out for. A new exotic hair care range from the US has come to the rescue of dry, frizzy and over processed hair, and is set to become a best seller when it launches in the UK this month. The Raw Shea Butter line-up, part of the SheaMoisture range closes the gap between natural afro and mainstream hair care and its intensely moisturising formulations have proved a runaway success with American women.
Each Raw Shea Butter treatment contains certified organic and natural ingredients, and features many hair beautifying benefits. Ethically sourced organic Shea Butter deeply moisturises while conditioning the hair and scalp, Argan Oil restores shines,, while helping to promote elasticity and Sea Kelp provides a mineral-rich nutrition which seals and smoothes the hair cuticle.
Designed to restore shine, body and manageability, the collection includes:-
SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Retention Shampoo £10.99 This gentle, Sulphate free shampoo helps to soften, moisturize and repair dry, damaged and over-processed hair. Enriched with Shea Butter which deeply moisturizes and repairs damage to hair and scalp. SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner £10.99 This intensely moisturising rinse out conditioner will instantly soften and detangle hair. SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque £12.99 This rich treatment deeply moisturises and repairs hair that is dry and damaged from heat damage, chemical processing and environmental damage Depending on your hair type, the magical treatment may also be used as a leave-in conditioner or a styling aid. SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Extra Moisture Detangler £10.99 This lightweight dangler conditions and smoothes dry, damaged hair with natural botanicals while removing knots and tangles. Stop the tears and get shiny nourished hair in one go!


Breath Company Fresh Breath Fluoride Toothpaste

No.1 selling U.S specialist breath care formula that tackles bad breath instantly, and for over 12 hours finally hits the shelves in the U.K Brought to the UK in a European first, a revolutionary range of premium oral care products goes on sale in Boots stores nationwide this July. Scientifically developed by the founder of The California Breath Clinics, dentist and internationally acclaimed ‘Bad Breath Guru’ Dr Harold Katz, and based on his own discovery that that bad breath does not always originate in the gut. The Breath Company oral health care system has been refined to be the most complete oral care system available, and is clinically proven to be effective at controlling the sulphur-producing bacteria that can cause embarrassing bad breath. “The Breath Company is the only brand on the market that tackles bad breath instantly, and works for over 12 hours to control odour.
Breath Company Fresh Breath Fluoride Toothpaste – Mild Mint (£8.99) Recommended by dentists to prevent cavities and gum disease, freshen breath, and improve dry mouth, The Breath Company sulphate-free toothpaste formula is also highly effective for mouth ulcer sufferers. Containing no detergents, foaming agents, strong flavouring agents, saccharin or abrasives that can cause or worsen the discomfort associated with mouth ulcers the Fresh Breath Fluoride Toothpaste with Xylitol is also gentle enough for dry mouth sufferers, diabetics, expectant mothers, and others who are particularly likely to suffer from oral care issues. Using a combination of oxygen and fluoride to attack sulphur-producing bacteria responsible for bad breath, gum disease, and cavities, these patented active ingredients go to work instantly and keep working for over 12 hours to keep the mouth clean, healthy, and smelling great. Also containing soothing aloe vera, and natural anti-plaque agents to keep teeth naturally white. This really works!


Get CHOCready for BNF Healthy Eating Week

What could be better, at the height of midsummer, than a chocaliciously chilled raw CHOCsmoothie or raw CHOCice Cream? The CHOCsmoothie isn’t just super simple to make – it’s a delicious way start to your day and boost your antioxidant levels at the same time. Drink it straight away or leave in the freezer for a few hours and enjoy it as a yummy and healthy CHOCice Cream treat later.

How to make your CHOCsmoothie Ingredients for 4 large CHOCsmoothies or a big tub of CHOCice Cream
3 small or 2 large frozen bananas

3 tablespoons CHOC Chick organic raw cacao powder

2 tablespoons peanut butter or other nut butter (no palm oil please)

1 tablespoon Fruit Syrup or other natural sweetener

2 cups water or water mixed with dairy or coconut milk or 2 cups of rice milk

handful of ice if making a smoothie

  1. Chop the bananas and place all ingredients in blender.
  2. Blend well adding the water/milk mix till smooth.
  3. If you are impatient like us, pour into glasses and drink your CHOCsmoothie right now!
  4. Alternatively, pour into a plastic tub and freeze for about 2-3 hours.
  5. Remove from the freezer and let your CHOCice Cream defrost for about 10 minutes, then spoon onto bowls and serve with berries and summer fruits.

This fun dairy-free chocolate making kit just for children includes:

  • kids version of CHOC Chick’s Simple raw CHOC recipe including the special ancient Aztec cocoa drink recipe
  • organic raw cacao butter 50g
  • organic raw cacao powder 50g
  • Sweet Freedom 100ml
  • 20 mini baking cases
  • 3 cocoa beans
  • a simple recipe book showing how to make chocolates that are free from dairy, gluten, processed sugar, artificial flavours and additives

Price £9.99 CHOC Chick products are stocked at 400 stores across the UK and Europe. These include Whole Foods Market UK, Harvey Nichols, Infinity Foods and Holland & Barrett stores

BNF Healthy Eating click here.To learn more about CHOC Chick, visit, like on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Great for children needing dairy-free chocolate!

CHOC Chick - CHOC Chicos Kit

Super suitcases from LittleLife…

LittleLife introduces the new Spiderman Wheelie Duffle.

The perfect suitcase for mini superheroes this summer, LittleLife has extended its award-winning range of Wheelie Duffles with an exciting, new Spiderman design. Perfect for family holidays, sleepovers or weekends away, the Spiderman Wheelie Duffle is ultra easy to pack and transport. To help boost your little explorer’s visibility while on the go, Spidey’s eyes are designed with special reflective fabric.

Whether heading off in search of sunnier shores or simply visiting grandma for the night, the Spiderman Wheelie Duffle features a spacious, 20 litre interior that has plenty of space for superhero essentials as well as clothes and toys. A clever ‘stay-put’ lid folds back making it easy to pack and unpack and an internal accessory pocket is ideal for safely storing smaller bits and bobs inside the main compartment. Once you have finished packing, the Spiderman Wheelie Duffle can be securely closed thanks to the high-quality zip.

Constructed to stand up to the daily exertions of toddlers and children, the Spiderman Wheelie Duffle is made from hardwearing and durable, high density nylon fabric paired with robust, smooth running wheels. Specially designed with little hands in mind, each case has a toddler-sized, two stage telescopic handle and an easy to grip, top grab handle to ensure it is easy to carry and transport.

For peace of mind when flying further afield, the Spiderman Wheelie Duffle is also designed to meet most airline hand-luggage requirements. For more information about the new Spiderman Wheelie Duffle visit LittleLife’s website,

Your child will want to put their own luggage this summer!

spiderman case

Introducing the New Travel Juice® Adaptor

Power in Over 150 Countries Provider of innovative, minimalistic charging accessories and Bluetooth® speakers, Juice® is introducing a new summer technology essential, the Travel Juice® adaptor, available from late July 2016. Whether you are flying off for a sunny week relaxing on a beach, or opting to spend your holiday exploring a new city, chances are you will be taking several bits of technology with you; from mobile phones and iPods, to e-book readers and tablets. Plan ahead this year and avoid the hassle of unusable gadgets with the colourful and convenient Travel Juice®, which can be adapted to work in over 150 countries.

Easy to use, simply connect the required adaptor to the Travel Juice®, plug into a mains socket and connect to your gadget via USB. With three USB ports making it possible to quickly charge up to three devices at once, the Travel Juice® is perfect for couples or families with multiple gadgets, also offering a solution to arguments over limited hotel room plug sockets.

The four interchangeable plug options include British Standard, Euro Plug, Australian and New Zealand Standard and a NEMA 1-15 Plug, compatible in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Japan. Ideal for frequent travellers, the Travel Juice® adaptor also comes with a convenient carry pouch, ideal for keeping the different attachments together whilst on the go.

Travel Juice® Adaptor, £22.99 To check device compatibility with the Juice® range please visit  Enjoy your gadgets on holiday!


Enjoy the benefits of sleep on the move…

LittleLife adds to its award-winning animal range with two new Snooze Pillows. Don’t let life on the move come between your child and the benefits of getting enough sleep, LittleLife has introduced two new Snooze Pillows that are perfect for catching some z’s on the go. Introduced in adorable Owl and Crocodile designs, the super-soft pillows are ideal for keeping your little one’s head supported as they nap in the car, train, plane or even inside a carrier.

Sleep is proven to be crucial to children’s learning and development, and according to the NHS, regular naps in early life are also key to supporting the development of memory*. LittleLife’s new Snooze Pillows allow kids to nap in the car or pushchair while on the move, helping to reduce the risk of youngsters becoming grumpy or unhappy due to a lack of sleep.  The cosy pillows also encourage children to nap while travelling, allowing them to enjoy the learning benefits associated with plenty of rest.

Featuring a snuggly, microbead filling that offers comfortable support to your child’s head and neck, the Snooze Pillow is covered in a super-soft, fleece fabric that feels gentle against your little one’s sensitive skin. The magnetic closure at the front of the pillow keeps it in place and offers 360oC support. For increased peace of mind, the Snooze Pillows comply with all relevant safety regulations.

For more information about the new Snooze Pillows visit the LittleLife website, You little ones will arrive from their travels more rested this holiday!


Go Travel Child Safe Headphones

Whether you are at home or on a family holiday, protect young ears with the Child Safe Headphones from Go Travel.  Featuring a built-in volume limiter for safe listening, these adjustable children’s headphones are the ideal solution to safeguard against the damage that can be caused by constant exposure to loud music and the risk of a permanent hearing impairment.

These light and comfortable headphones are the perfect family travel companion for children and an equally good addition for parents to get some relaxation too.  Easily entertain youngsters on the move with the Child Safe Headphones and let them watch their favourite movie as many times to their heart’s content without the risk of permanently etching the theme tune and much-loved sing-along songs in your mind forever.

Safe for children 3 years and over, the adjustable headphones can be increased to fit heads of all sizes and kids of all ages.  These gorgeous headphones are designed with just one audio cable to reduce the risk of tangles, making them easy to pack.  They are available in royal blue and party pink with attractive patterns that boys and girls will love. RRP: £12.99   Impressive built-in volume limiter for safe listening!


Water Babies!

LittleLife adds the Gruffalo to its award-winning range of Ultralight Poncho Towels.  Make the most of sun, sand and sea this summer with LittleLife’s collection of lightweight and absorbent Ultralight Poncho Towels. Winner of two Mother & Baby Gold Awards and recipient of countless glowing reviews, the Ultralight Poncho Towels have become a firm favourite with families. This year, the popular range is extended with an adorable new Gruffalo® design – complete with purple prickles all over its back!

Perfect for all types of swim adventures, all LittleLife Poncho Towels are made from an incredibly soft fabric that is kind and gentle against your child’s sensitive skin. Available in two sizes, each towel fits neatly over your youngster’s head with underarm poppers for a secure and comfortable fit. A warm and cosy hood is perfect for drying wet hair while the UPF 50 rated fabric provides extra protection from the sun’s UV rays on family trips to the seaside.

Created using the same material as leading travel towels, the Ultralight Poncho Towels are made from an extremely absorbent and quick-drying fabric. As well as making sure drying kids is ultra-quick and easy, each towel also dries up to 8x faster than a standard beach towel, so you no longer have to worry about packing soggy towels in with your belongings. Weighing just 220g each, the towels pack away compactly, perfect for weekly swimming lessons or even when travelling abroad with tight luggage restrictions.

Suitable for children aged between 1 and 4 years old, the Ultralight Poncho Towels were named Best Travel Product under £25 two years running at the 2014 and 2015 Mother & Baby Awards.

For more information about the Ultralight Poncho Towel collection including the new Gruffalo® design visit Let you little ones make the most of summer as a Gruffalo®


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