Weight Loss for Women through Hypnotherapy …

Lie back and relax as this ‘Weight Loss for Women’ digitally mastered hypnotherapy CD and MP3 download helps to dissolve unhealthy eating habits whilst stimulating the desire to exercise. These recordings are specially tailored to women’s bodies and contain three short tracks. It soon becomes second nature to make time to listen to these even with busy schedules and can be alternated on different days. Ailsa Frank, an NHS registered hypnotherapist, talks through a series of exercises to release cravings and unwanted emotions. Listeners naturally start to feel more comfortable eating healthily, feel more satisfied with smaller portions and don’t have to go without the odd treat. Ailsa has helped many women rebalance their eating habits using hypnotherapy techniques which are now available in this product (including her red triangle ‘cravings’ reducer exercise). Available from www.hypnobalance.co.uk or by telephoning 01276 683123 priced £14.99.

The Ongoing Battle to Lose Weight …
Being an unhealthy weight or squeezing into tight clothes isn’t fun. It can knock confidence, self-esteem, create stress and even lead to serious health problems. With today’s often hectic, pressurised lifestyles, the typical multi-tasking wife, mother and business woman is frequently forced to put herself last in the pecking order when it comes to meal times and all too often hasn’t the time, money or in-built motivation to successfully adjust old eating and exercise habits. Understandably many women struggle to stick to new weight loss programmes or diet regimes as the inner demons that crave the sugary cakes, milky coffees, fast foods, microwave meals and midnight snacks haunt us on a daily basis.
Many women say they would like to eat more healthily but something deep within makes them return again to the fridge to comfort eat because of unresolved emotional issues or genuine fatigue at the end of a demanding week. Struggling to feed a family on a tight budget when alluring supermarket offers promote cheap convenience foods causes a further onslaught on our defences as mass produced fat-loaded foods, that our bodies don’t want, once again end up in our weekly shop. Women who are making more of an effort to eat more healthily are often bemused when they notice they are gaining weight, but it only takes a few extra mouthfuls every mealtime, combined with a sedatory lifestyle, to slowly start to pile on the pounds.
NHS registered Hypnotherapist and Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, Ailsa Frank, from Hypnobalance in Berkshire can help women who want to lose weight reclaim their future and break free from unhealthy eating habits. “I have helped many women often after having tried numerous fad diets unsuccessfully and are desperate to find a long term solution. I tell the subconscious mind during the hypnosis it’s about getting everything into balance, eating the correct foods for your body at the correct time of day, exercising regularly and letting go of the emotional crutch of eating. I encourage clients to exercise daily, even bending and stretching, so if there isn’t time to get to an exercise class some exercise has been undertaken. I also work on balancing a client’s sleep, as the body requires sleep to generate weight loss. My hypnotherapy recordings help listeners regain control by reprogramming their attitude towards food and exercise, whilst getting back to being healthier and more confident.”

“The shops are filled with so many foods that are bad for our bodies. The supermarket shelves represent today’s weight gain epidemic and it is impossible to turn a street corner without seeing special offers in cafes, petrol stations, even clothes shops that now promote sweets for sale at the point of sale by the cash desk. There are just too many tempting ‘eat me’ signs vying for our attention on a daily basis. In my recordings, the messages allow every listener to walk on by and leave the excess food for other people as the satisfaction of cooking fresh foods returns as the subconscious mind helps you enjoy planning meal times. A recent female client who used to regularly crave chocolate after meals trialled my CD and now says she has no room or desire for any at all after her evening meal. She also has far more energy and has started getting up to have a proper breakfast and exercise before work. You too can feel more alert and energised by eating a balanced diet as well as look good and feel healthier. Your mind is controlling what you eat.” says Ailsa.
Frighteningly, women who don’t exercise and consume more calories than their body needs can soon become overweight, leading to a greater chance of developing type 2 diabetes. In worst cases it can lead to heart disease, strokes and even blindness. Alarmingly England along with the rest of the UK now has the unenviable position of being one of the world leaders of excess weight and one of the highest rates of obesity in Europe and in the developed world. The Government’s 2011 white paper ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People: A Call to Action on Obesity in England’ seeks to set out some solutions to the very real challenges faced by the NHS in tackling this growing issue in the coming decades.
Understanding How Hypnosis Can Change Your Relationship towards Food
Hypnosis is a deep relaxation where the mind becomes more open to positive suggestions and is able to release negative habits thus making changing eating habits easy to do whilst also reprogramming and motivating the listener to do regular exercise. More information on Hypnobalance can be found on its website: www.hypnobalance.co.uk
The Weight Loss for Men MP3 download is available from www.hypnobalance.co.uk or by telephoning 01276 683123 priced £14.99


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