Try a Bamboo Bra

How do you fancy a comfortable bra made of super soft fabric and featuring extra wide straps the Miracle bamboo comfort bra was designed to offer this in spades! With an easy front hook closure and a wireless design this super practical bra is perfect for all ladies looking for something extra special. It also offers target support zone and comfort stretch 2- Ply Cups.

Once you wear Miracle Bamboo Comfort Bra you’ll soon understand what wearing a bra that has your comfort at its heart, really feels like! The idea that a piece of underwear, meant to hold, lift and support one of the most sensitive, but visible, parts of your body should sacrifice comfort for fashion seems ridiculous- but it happens all the time!

Miracle Bamboo Comfort Bra has extra-wide straps that gently spread the supportive weight so you never get those sore shoulders!

Small, rear-fastening clasps might look discreet but they force you to fumble, blindly, behind your own back and, because they’re thin and made of hard plastic, they sometimes create ugly back bulges and pinching under your arms. Miracle Bamboo Comfort Bra’s front-fastening, long clasp means you can easily see what you’re doing and the length means it’s extra-secure and won’t sit, like a hard lump, against your spine! No more back bulges and no more fumbling!

Miracle Bamboo Comfort Bra is the wireless, front-fastening bra that’s so comfortable, so soft and so well designed, you’ll forget you’re wearing it! And you’ll never want to go back to uncomfortable fashion bras because…

Miracle Bamboo Comfort Bra comes with removable pad inserts so you can adjust the cup size to suit your mood, and the smooth profile means that it’s hardly visible beneath clothing so you don’t have to give up on looking sensational either. Go on give them a try, I did and not looking back Editor

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