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Brand new Quick Drying Travel Towel range from Best Bed Linen Ltd

The exclusive new Quick Drying Geo Travel Towel from Best Bed Linen Ltd. is an invaluable travel companion.  Its super-absorbency allows it to dry up to 40% faster than a normal towel.  In addition, the Quick Drying Geo Travel Towel is extremely lightweight – ideal for packing in the suitcase or rack sack.

 Renowned for its work with top five-star luxury hotels in the UK and globally for more than 20 years, Best Bed Linen Ltd’s brand new range of eco-friendly towels are not bulky or heavy; leaving plenty of room in the suitcase for other holiday essentials.

Made from luxurious 100% cotton, the Quick Drying Geo Travel Towel has a ‘Zero Twist’ construction that causes the yarns to remain open; allowing the air to circulate and permeate the towel – thus drying it with speed.  The generous sized towel unfurls more than other towels in the dryer, on the washing line…or hanging over the balcony!

The Quick Drying Geo Travel Towel is available in a range of effervescent and fruity colours for summer; such as Sunny Lime, Orange and Mediterranean Blue.

Lightweight, ultra-absorbent and vibrantly stylish; the Quick Drying Geo Travel Towel from Best Bed Linen Ltd is the supreme towel for holidays – whether travelling to Bournemouth or The Bahamas…

Having tried this towel, its lightweight and easy to pack but it is surprisingly efficient and dry’s both you and itself quickly! Editor 

www.thebestbedlinenintheworld.com  Stockist: 01442 842885

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