The Polka Theatre, Wimbledon Nov 2018

NEW SEASON: Polka Theatre, Ratty, Badger and Mole to the rescue!

Credit Michael Wharley and Rebecca Pitt

The Wind in the Willows: 9 November 2018 – 17 February 2019

Polka Theatre are re-staging The Wind in the Willows adapted by Toby Hulse. The Wind in the Willows themes of joy of adventure, respecting our environment and the importance of friendship have endured in the 110 years since it was written.

The story begins with two different woodland species of Rat and Mole.  They find common ground when Ratty befriends Mole and introduces her to his friends. Ratty shows Mole what life is like above the ground and Mole is surprised by what she learns as they share stories from their own lives.

Through the changing seasons, Toad journies from a fad crazed destroyer of the environment and upsetter of friends, to his eventual recognition that he might be wrong. When Toad realises that he has gone too far, he needs the support of his friends Mole and Ratty, to learn to become kinder, respectful and humble. The brave and bold recapture of Toad Hall from the Wild-Wooders is at the heart of this story which includes weasels, squirrels and even a human.

The Wind in the Willows 9 November – 17 February MAIN STAGE Ages 5+


In the Winter Wood

Listen to winter stories from around the world, sing-along and shake your shaker to Jan Blake’s newly devised interactive story

Credit Michael Wharley and Rebecca Pitt

In the Winter Wood.

In the Winter Wood is a tale of friendship and working together with Pig and Goat meeting Goose, Hare and Cockerel. They are running away to avoid becoming a winter feast. The stories the animals share explore cultural and winter traditions from around the world. This new story is a cosy immersive experience for our younger audiences with the Adventure Theatre transformed into a winter woodland.

Jan Blake is one of the UK’s foremost storytellers and specialises in stories from Africa, the Caribbean, and Arabia. Often enticing and encouraging audiences to interact and become part of the story, she has a well-earned reputation for dynamic and generous storytelling.

In the Winter Wood 29 November – 17 February ADVENTURE THEATRE Ages 3-6

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