Smash Meals On-The-Go

Smash Nude Food Movers have launched an innovative range of Cup Movers for all kinds of meals on-the-go. The range consists of Breakfast, Salad and Soup Cups, all designed to help you eat portion-controlled meals and snacks with minimum hassle. These original storage product have a leak proof seal, cutlery and separate compartments for tasty meals. Suitable for all the family busy mums & dads, plus pack lunch for the children.

 soupSoup in a Cup. Healthy soups help to fill you up & can be thrifty by using leftovers.

First fill with soup or leftovers of choice.  Microwave. There is no need to take the lid off when heating as the lid contains a Steam Release Valve that releases heat when microwaving.

saladSalad in a Cup means you never have to eat another soggy lunch salad again.

Add legumes, mixed veg or weighty, wet ingredients. Then add lighter ingredients like tomato, red onion and lettuce. Separate items you want to keep dry, like croutons, using the internal divider inside the lid. Store condiments separately in the removable dressing pod.

brekkyBrekky in a Cup. So many of us are so busy first thing in the morning so take your breakfast with you.

Add yoghurt, porridge or weighty, wet ingredients in the bottom. Add lighter ingredients like mixed berries or fruit on top.  In the top compartment add dry ingredients like muesli or cereal.

Enjoy these impressive range they will help you prepare and eat lunch on the go! Available from Dunelm & Amazon  For more information

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