Fresh X

Fresh X is a new environmentally-friendly personal Spritz suitable for all the family

FreshX is an exciting new product in an innovative new category that fuses together two big trends: extra freshness down below and a serious environmental mission. On sale in Sainsbury’s stores.

Just two or three ‘Spritz’ of FreshX onto toilet tissue transforms it into a moist, soothing, cleansing wipe. It is a revolutionary new product category created to fight against needless waste produced by flushable wipes. Available in two gentle varieties the ‘Spritz’ is dermatologist tested and approved for even the most sensitive skin with a skin loving formulation with Botanicals including Aloe Vera + Vitamins E, B5. It is free from oil, sulphites, alcohol and parabens.

 Eco friendly

Eco friendly alternative to flushable wipes – 150ml – RRP £3.00. The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) reports that there are 50 wipes for every KM of UK coastline, that’s a devastating 400% increase in 10 years. A 10 tonne fatburg in Kingston upon Thames took 6 weeks to clear at a cost £400k

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