A wonderful opportunity for your child!


Do you have an academically able child currently in Year 2, 3, 4 or 5?  If so, he or she would be very welcome to sit for a scholarship at St Lawrence College Junior School on Saturday 31 January 2015.  Junior School scholarships worth up to 40% off the fees are available for September 2015 entry.

With small class sizes, teachers really get to know each individual child and are thus able to tailor lessons to each child’s needs.  The Junior School also prepares pupils thoroughly for the 11+ Kent Test, thus keeping future schooling options open.

If you have a gifted child, a scholarship may provide the opportunity for an enriched educational experience that may not be available under normal circumstances.

For more information, contact Lindsey Harris, Junior School Registrar, on 01843 572912 or email lah@slcuk.com.  www.slcuk.com

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