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Make room for swimming in your life. It’s the essential water safety life skill that’s highly inclusive and gives a total bodyAngelas swim workout: building muscle tone and improving breathing and circulation.

Angela’s Swim School offers lessons to children from 4 months old, plus adult classes for all abilities. Learning to swim from a young age really helps children build in confidence, strength and stamina.

To help children learn to swim the right way, Angela’s Swim School has developed the Swimstylers, who are at the heart of the school’s teaching programme. These inspirational characters breakdown how to become a strong, independent swimmer into clearly defined targets, that step-by- step show children how to progress their swimming with confidence and strong technique.


Angelas swimThe six Swimstylers characters feature on class names and awards so charting progress is really easy: that’s from non-swimmers up to a 1500m swim.

The swim school’s founder swam competitively at the highest levels. Angela’s insight and winning techniques have been the

Angelas Swim

basis of her swim teaching career for over 25 years and made Angela’s Swim School a major provider of lessons in the London & Southeast.

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