Best Things to Do During Half Time

Football Half Time

Sometimes, the worst part of watching the mighty Hammers, even if we’re not playing so well, is the agonizing 15-20 minutes break between the two halves that fans have to endure. If you’re at the London Stadium, this period can feel like torture, as you’re left with only two options: battle your way to the concourse to get an overpriced pie and drink, or stay at your seat and watch the usually underwhelming and not very exciting halftime show.

Every fan just wants the action to resume during halftime, but to save you from counting the minutes as they pass by, try these suggestions to fill halftime and make it speed by in no time.

Play a Bit of Online Casino

Most online casinos are now accessible through a mobile phone app, meaning that even when you’re stuck in the stands or watching the game from the comfort of your own home you’re able to partake in slots, roulette and even live table games such as poker or blackjack.

Playing casino games is just as exhilarating as watching a good team performance, with the reward of winning being really satisfying. Furthermore, most online casinos also have a sport betting section, meaning that you can use halftime to either manage your pre match bets, or put new ones on. You’re also able to pull up the scores on these apps, meaning that you can get a nice, up-to-date view of how the rest of the league is looking, as well a the lay of the land in the other divisions of English football.

Check on Your Fantasy Team

Most fans will have a fantasy football team, but not all of them will have a good one. This is probably because the majorityFootball Half Time crafted a great team at the start of the season and then forgot about it at around game week 3. To get back into it, and to revive your team, you could always use halftime as a period to polish your squad up and make some key changes for next week.

This is a decent idea as your head is already in football mindset, so you’ll be more up for the mental math and tactical analysis that being a good fantasy player needs. You could also read up on some fantasy football tips from some of the best in the game, to really help you storm up that friends league of yours.

Go on Social Media

The football community on Twitter is one of the most active and vibrant in the world, and this is particularly true on matchday. Having a scroll and seeing what people are making of all the games around the grounds is a great way to stay in the loop, and it’s always entertaining to see the Arsenal fans having a meltdown for whatever reason.

If Twitter isn’t your thing, you can also use the time to listen to some great podcasts, either from fans or journalists.

The club specific podcasts on the Athletic are always entertaining and insightful, but the best West Ham podcast you should be listening is the West Ham Way, hosted by Ex WHU employee, who always has brilliant insights and often good special guests and interviews. Have a listen during halftime to make it flutter by.

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