The Future of Tofu

Tofu has been misunderstood for years … classed by many as being “marmite” …… loved or ignored! However, the health and benefits of this protein packed, cholesterol free food are amazing.

After years of frustration with tasteless tofu and resorting to building precarious towers of tins, heavy books and kitchen roll to remove the water from their tofu, Adam and Susanna at Tofuture set about designing their own easy-to-use press which squeezes the bland, unwanted liquid out of tofu prior to cooking.

Tofu is high in protein, low in fat, and has been a vegan staple for years and now the secret is out and more and more people are discovering its incredible health benefits and versatility. Squeezing out the excess water brings a whole new world of tastes and textures.

Made from soy milk in the same way as we make cheese from cow’s milk, tofu can be marinated, used in sweet or savoury dishes and works for meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike.

Tofuture have designed a simple to use kitchen gadget. You simply pop your block of tofu (available in all main supermarkets and health food stores) inside, lock down the clamps and leave it in the fridge to press the water out. The clever design means the water is captured in the outer container.

The press is compact and easy to store and once your tofu is pressed, the outer tub then doubles as a container for marinating the pressed tofu. It is also BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Whether it’s trying something different, healthier eating, to help you go meat or even that ideal gift for the meat reducer, we have benefits of tofu, delicious tofu recipes and some presses for reviewers too!

Samantha Calvert, Head of Communications for The Vegan Society:

“Tofu is a healthy and nutritious product that is incredibly versatile.  Depending on the type of tofu you can make a vegan ‘quiche’, a smooth and creamy chocolate dessert, a vegan ‘cheesecake’ or a stir fry. 

 Unless the tofu has been pre-marinaded, braised or flavoured then it will take on the flavour of whatever you mix it with and it will do that better if the excess water has been removed first.  The Tofuture press is mess free and convenient way to do this.”

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