The Perfect Door for Every Room in your Home

Opening and closing a door as natural to us as breathing. It seems strange, then, that doors haven’t always existed. In fact, they were invented in approximately the year 3000 BC, when the first wooden doors were used throughout Europe.

Since then, the humble door has taken many forms, and become a potent symbol for any number of humanity’s ails.

A door closing in life can symbolise a missed opportunity, while the slam of a door after an argument can mean a frosty end to a relationship.

Then again, walking through an open door can symbolise the beginning of a new chapter in your life, as you quite literally move from one space to the next.

We doubt ancient Europeans could have imagined the complex thinking which would form around doors when they first hammered them onto their wooden huts. Chances are they just wanted to stay warm.

But the design of the doors in your home can also mean a lot. You can’t plonk any old door in your bedroom and expect it to be a perfect fit.

To help you choose the perfect doors for every room in your home, follow this handy guide – we’ve used the stylish Oakwood Doors as our inspiration.

Front door

Your front door is one of the first parts of your home that a visitor will see – so you better make it snazzy.

That means a highly burnished door that, although well designed, is simultaneously friendly and welcoming is the ideal choice, heralding people into your home like a warm hug.

Living room door

If you’re a budding socialite, then the living room is the centrepiece of your home. It’s where you’ll host extravagant parties, or simply invite some pals over to watch the telly.

With that in mind, we recommend a glazed door to make the space seem as large as possible.

Bedroom door

Unlike your living room, the bedroom is an intimate and private space, so your door doesn’t have to be showy.

One of the most satisfying feelings in life is shutting your bedroom door after a long and tiring day, and for that reason we recommend a door with some weight to it.

Find yourself a solid opaque number and put a lock on it if you want to enjoy some privacy while you sleep.

Bathroom door

Again, a bathroom door doesn’t have to be grandiose. Its main function is to provide users with a sense of privacy and security while they perform their ablutions.

But steam and damp are also more likely to build up in your bathroom, so be sure to coat your door with a waterproof solution to keep it as effective as the day you bought it.

That’s our guide to the perfect door for every room in your home. We hope it’s opened up a world of possibilities for you. Got any interior design tips you’d like to share? Then let us know in the comments below!

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