Travelling with Little Twins

Travelling with Little Twins Made Easier With These Essentials 

In the UK alone, there are more than 9,000 sets of twins born each year. And with travel now being very accessible, a lot of parents are eager to go on family holidays. Of course, it goes without saying that taking a trip with twin babies can be twice as hard as just the one child. So if you’re going on a trip with your little ones, here are some things you shouldn’t leave the house without.

Travel cots

Not every hotel has cribs for families travelling with children, even more so for twins, so it’s best to come prepared with a portable version. Look for lightweight yet durable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and high-sided travel cots that will keep your twins safe. If you only have room for a single travel cot, make sure that there’s enough space for the two of them so that they remain comfortable throughout the night. These can also double up as your children’s play pen during the day.

Double pushchairs


image: iCandy

Prams are essential but it’s hard to travel with two of them. Thankfully, tandem prams have become really popular for twins. iCandy features a variety of double pushchairs that are of the same width as single versions, which means they are much easier to take on public transport or manoeuvre around busy streets. You’ll be able to keep an eye on both kids, which is a huge advantage for single parents.

Baby carrier

If you’re going on hikes, don’t forget to bring a baby carrier as well. Twin Pregnancy and Beyond provide an overview of the best twin baby carriers on the market, including the TwinGo Original Baby Carrier which has an ergonomic design for supporting two infants in the style of a rucksack. It can also be used separately so that Mum and Dad can share the responsibility.

Portable bathtub

Not all accommodation has bathtubs so you might need to bring your own for bath time. A portable bathtub should have a non-skid surface, easy to clean, and have a smooth rim. Your best option for travelling would be an inflatable tub big enough for twins.



image: Unsplash

Don’t forget to include toys in your packing checklist because one way to keep your travel hassle-free is to keep the little ones entertained. In addition to different toys though, it would helpful if you take two of the same just in case your twins like to play with the same toy at the same time.

Other packing essentials for travelling with twins like baby hats or jackets depend on where you’re going, but the items above can be brought anywhere. If you’re hitting the beach, don’t forget to check out Parents News’ review of LittleLife’s Beach Shelters, too!

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