A new winter’s ‘tail’ set to help retired greyhounds at Christmas

A new children’s book from author Chris Dignam is raising awareness of greyhounds as pets and boosting funds for a rescue charity in its silver jubilee year.

The Winter Hare – described as ‘a children’s book that’s suitable for anyone aged eight to 80’ – is out now, with a percentage of proceeds going towards Greyhound Rescue Wales. The book is the second in The Largest Rabbit series and can be read as a follow-on or as a story in its own right. Greyhound Rescue Wales, which rehomes former racing greyhounds and lurchers as well as funding veterinary care for many dogs injured on the track each year. Greyhound Rescue Wales was launched in Swansea in 1993 and is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a series of events and fundraisers across Wales.

They have generously offered a competition. The prizes are – a signed copy of The Winter Hare and hand-drawn and hand-painted pair of goblets. Please email here with your name and address for a chance to win.

Chris launched The Winter Hare with a book signing and reading at GRW’s Swansea shop. He was accompanied by Penny, who is renowned in south Wales for her appearances at the many talks, Chris, and his wife Armelle, give in support of GRW. Penny is also the ‘crafty dog’ that their business is named after!

Chris said: “Sales of the new book have been amazing and we have sent signed copies as far as Canada, Australia and the USA, as well as many across the UK. The feedback has been that it’s a great read and that it makes a perfect stocking filler for Christmas. Every copy sold will help give the dogs in Greyhound Rescue Wales have a better Christmas too.”

Crafty Dog Cymru was founded by Chris and Armelle and, in addition to books, specialises in delicious homemade jams and chutneys and bespoke glassware and gifts. They produce a wide range of hand-crafted artisan glassware from new and recycled glass. All hand-drawn and painted drinking glasses are in many different designs, and can also be personalised and made to order. Please visit the website for more details, and to make orders. Crafty Dog Cymru

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