My Amazing ADHD Brain

A Child’s Guide to Thriving with ADHD

 This book contains: crazy inventions, stinky socks, a colourful collection of monsters and some super-slimy mud pie!

This new book from author and illustrator Emily Snape called My Amazing ADHD Brain. It is a beautifully illustrated, bright and positive picture book. Aimed at ADHD for kids aged 4+. We follow Pip, a friendly monster with ADHD. Pip is a confident little monster who has ADHD. Full of tips as Pip navigates the world he shares what ADHD means for them. Positively showing you  the advantages ADHD gives you.   In this book, Pip also discusses things he can find tricky, and how they are learning to control their impulses and be more mindful and organized so they can spend more time having lots of fun!

Roughly 129 million children worldwide have ADHD, although it is commonly undiagnosed. Packed with reassuring words, practical advice and skill-building activity ideas, My Amazing ADHD Brain will help your child to:

  • Understand what an ADHD diagnosis may mean for them
  • Celebrate the wonderful strengths having ADHD can offer
  • Reframe negative assumptions about ADHD
  • Explore the idea of self-regulation and making mindful choices

 Emily Snape is a passionate author, educator, and mum. Her journey in understanding ADHD started when her son began the process of receiving his ADHD diagnosis. She now regularly works with young people celebrating and supporting their amazing, creative neurodivergent minds. You can find out about her latest publishing news on Instagram at @emily_snape_illustrator.

Published in Paperback 11 April 2024, priced £6.99 ISBN: 978 1 83799 126 6

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