Spring Fun-Fairs

Fun Fairs


Whilst English funfairs are traditionally held around Christian holy days such as Christmas, Easter and Whitsun, Irvin Leisure has expanded its calendar to include the festivals of other faiths, as well as secular commemorations like Windrush Day, Indian Independence Day and the Independence Day of Pakistan.

This is a business run by a family for families. “We want everyone to feel comfortable when they come to our fairs,” George explains. “This is why we have a strict no alcohol policy to make our fairs welcoming for families and for people who prefer not to drink”.

Alongside this sits a commitment to stamping out racism and prejudice. George Irvin sees it as a point of pride that his staff are as diverse as London is: “Our workers come from every race, religion and background, and our venues are somewhere that people from all walks of life can come together and have good safe fun.”

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