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Geomag Glow 

Every year, come autumn, we go on the lookout for the funkiest, most exciting Halloween decorations, only to throw them out come November. But this year, why not invest in something that will light up your Halloween party, but that will also continue being fun once Halloween is over? We’re talking about the Geomag Glow construction sets. Suitable for all ages above 3, the Geomag Glow sets are not only a great decoration and conversation starter for your Halloween party, but also an important opportunity to gain a better grasp on the world of physics and magnetics.

Geomag Glow consists of three sets of different sizes of glow-in-the-dark natural magnetic rods. These rods can be arranged in any shape or structure that lights the imagination. Because of their lightweight design, and flexible nature, you can arrange your Geomag set anywhere in the room. You can, if you like, even arrange them into something spooky, or exciting like a ghost, a skull, or even a zombie. The sky, or rather your imagination, is the limit here.

How do Geomag Glow sets work?

So, how exactly are these magnetic rods powered, and why do they glow in the dark? Well, that’s both educational and exciting about the Geomag Glow sets is that they are made from 100% recycled materials, that are also 100% natural. As such, they work by capturing the natural light of the sun, throughout the day, and then using that to light up in the dark.

Because Geomag Glow sets use solar power to function, they will not drive up your electricity bills. For the same reason, Geomag sets are also great news for the environment, and if you’re concerned with reducing your carbon footprint, Geomag proves you can have a fun and exciting party without damaging the environment.

Since Geomag sets are solar-powered, it’s best to leave them out in a well-lit spot during the day, so that they can capture enough sunlight to last through your party.

Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with Geomag Glow this Halloween!

The Geomag Glow 25 costs £19.99 from toysrus.co.uk

The Geomag Glow 42 costs £34.99 from The Entertainer

The Geomag Glow 60 costs £39 from Coolshop.co.uk

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