Wicked Christmas Toys

As Christmas steadily approaches, every parent will begin to think what toy or game will children want this year?

Well, at Wicked Uncle (cool name), you have a reliable toy expert on hand, well online. Wicked Uncle, is a UK-based toy company committed to providing the best toys online for children.

Every toy is tested before going online, age and gender with specific pages, plus various categories.

They have scoured the world to find a great selection of fun, unusual gifts. They build the robot kits, paint the fairies, drawn with the pens, and play the games. A great help to mums and dads is that they will gift-wrap your presents. All you have to do it choose the present and wrapping paper and they send to you, or directly to the recipient.

We tried:

The Flying bee £15.95 Great fun, well made and easy to fly. It has with infrared sensors that recognise your hand movement. With automatic protection, so it stops flying if the blade is hit anything.

Factopia – 400 Crazily Connected Facts £10.99. Incredible fun facts that you didn’t know you wanted to know, but you do want to know!

Spooky Sounds Machine with 16 scary sounds. £10.95 The sound effects are of good quality from ghosts, creaking door to creepy piano. Pocket size so take it with you to scary everyone!

Sandscape – Create Moving Sand Art £18.95. A circular glass frame filled with sand. As you move it, difference patterns and shapes will appear. The shifting sand is quite mesmerising and relaxing. It’s unique every time. You will literally never see the same Sandscape twice!

Tension – How quick can you answer? £13.95. This noisy and hilarious game isn’t as easy as you think. All you have to do is name the Top 10 in a 100 category.

Topics from ice-cream to eggs. This is fast, competitive and easy to start. No-one has to spend 30 mins reading the rules.


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