Holiday tips for first time family holiday

With the summer holidays being planned and upcoming May bank holiday weekends on the way, it’s time to start thinking about getting out and about with the kids.  If it’s your first time, this can be quite a daunting prospect! Hitting the open road with a leisure vehicle (e.g. a motorhome) is an easy way to ride off to find a great holiday destination that all the family will enjoy without any of the airport and public transport stress.

Founder and director of award-winning campervan, caravan and motorhome insurance provider,, Peter Cue, shares his holiday tricks to save you time, money and your sanity.

  1. Print out a checklist

As you get used to your new vehicle, make sure you’re totally clear on everything that needs to be checked / shut / turned off before you set off. From satellite dishes being left up, to lockers left open, to an unsecured hook-up flap there are lots of things that beginners can easily miss. Print yourself out a list to keep upfront for your first trip.

  1. Disguise your valuables

If you’re heading to the beach or off on a hike, put your money and keys in a lip balm case or empty water bottle to prevent them from getting lost or stolen. And goes without saying hide any expensive laptops or goods so they can’t be seen by anyone wandering past.

  1. Take more than one plug adaptor

Plug adaptors are like gold dust when travelling. Having more than one inside your vehicle also saves the hassle of having to pick between activities, for example waiting for your phone to charge or using your hair dryer.

  1. Don’t forget the first aid kit

Plasters, antihistamine, pain killers, berrocca – you never know when you might have an emergency or simply need a pick me up. Always pack and bring your first aid kit wherever you are travelling.

  1. Memorise your dimensions

It’s amazing how many people forget to learn this information. Knowing your vehicle’s dimension off by heart will save a lot of potential panicking when you see the dreaded width restriction sign. You can find this out from your manufacturer’s site or by measuring it out yourself.

  1. Don’t forget to pack the manual

This is important on every trip, but rings especially true as you’re just starting to get to know your vehicle. Pack your manual and keep it accessible. It will help you with everything from tyre pressures to how to drain the tank.

  1. Know your payload, and stick to it

Your payload is the amount of weight you can add to your motorhome whilst keeping it under the maximum vehicle weight allowed. This includes everything from passengers to water waste, so it needs to be calculated carefully. Overloading can not only affect the smooth running of your vehicle but can also lead to a prosecution.

  1. Roll roll roll your clothes

Did you know that rolling your clothes decreases wrinkles when packed in a dry-cleaning or plastic bag? This is a must do for first time trippers, and it also means you can leave that iron at home. One less thing to pack!

  1. Use pill boxes to store ingredients

To save space in your kitchen area, or if you find yourself cooking food by a campfire but can’t go anywhere without your beloved salt and pepper; store your condiments and spices in empty plastic pill boxes. No mess and easy to take with you everywhere.

  1. Bring a torch

You’ll never know when you may need one. Plus I have a great little trick to share – to get extra light in your campervan, strap your torch to a jug of water to fill the entire room with an ambient light.

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