Frankie & Benny’s Gives Dieters More Choice

Frankie & Benny’s has conducted a survey which found that 2.2 million parents have broken their diets at family restaurants due to lack of choice, being forced to eat something that wasn’t as healthy as they would have liked. In response to these findings, Frankie & Benny’s have launched a new menu, featuring a ‘Feel Good’ range – a mix of healthier and lighter dishes made with parents in mind.

The survey from YouGov also found that one in eight (12%) parents of children aged 18 and under have gone without any food when eating out with children. This suggests lack of diet-friendly options are ruining what should be a happy occasion.

Over half (51%)*** of parents who dine out at family restaurants decide where to eat based more on what their children want, rather than what they want. Children can be fussy, but that shouldn’t mean parents are forced to eat unhealthy meals. Modern parents should be able to embrace a health-conscious lifestyle without having to go hungry during family meals out.

To combat this issue, Frankie & Benny’s have launched the ‘Feel Good’ range, available at their restaurants across the UK. All starters on the ‘Feel Good’ range are under 400 calories, and mains are under 650 calories. The menu caters for a variety of modern diets, with a variety of vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, high-protein and gluten-free options. It features 30 healthy dishes, including Skinny Chicken Pizza, Summer Salad, and High-Protein Nashville Skewers.

12% of the British population now follow a meat-free diet, so Frankie & Benny’s has increased its vegan options by 600% / sixfold. One in 10 people in the UK now avoid gluten altogether, with more and more people choosing to cut it out of their diet due to intolerance, or for the health benefits associated. The Feel Good range has increased gluten-free options at Frankie & Benny’s by 55%.

Low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets like the Dukan diet, the Paleo diet, and the Keto diet have also taken the UK by storm in recent years.  Frankie & Benny’s has responded by adding four high-protein options to the menu.

Holly Davies, Head of Product Innovation at Frankie & Benny’s, said: “At Frankie & Benny’s we want to provide choice for all the family, and our guests are increasingly looking for ways to tailor their diet to their lifestyle. Our new Feel Good range means that you can eat out on fewer calories, but still enjoy great tasting food.”

You can see the full Feel Good range online at:

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