Fuss free sprays for fussy kids

 It can be really tricky to get your children to take medicine if they aren’t very well. And the more worked up they get, the more distressing it can be for everyone involved. Take the hassle away with these three no fuss sprays to soothe your little one’s symptoms when they are feeling under the weather and sensitive this winter from the extra time spent indoors, exposed to lots of people’s germs.

Children suffer twice as many sore throats as adults do. Ultra Chloraseptic Anaesthetic Throat Sprays can be used for novel ultra-quick, ultra-targeted relief on the go. The local anaesthetic Benzocaine is targeted directly to the point of pain where it immediately numbs, allowing your child to carry on with their day, pain-free. Suitable for the whole family (6+).

Available from pharmacies and supermarkets in NEW blackcurrant, cherry and menthol. Priced £5.21 for 15ml/90 sprays.

Children are susceptible to eye irritation, and central heating, wind, cold weather and excessive screen use are all irritants. Try NEW Murine Refresh & Soothe Eye Mist for fuss-free instant soothing relief and long lasting hydration this winter. This gentle mist is sprayed onto closed eyelids where, after a few blinks, it travels into the eye without flooding it. Perfect for subtle use on the go, and suitable for even for the most squeamish of children! Available from pharmacies and supermarkets. Priced £9.99 for 15ml/300 sprays.

 Being blocked up and struggling to breathe can be very distressing for a child. Try Nasaleze Cold this winter, a natural nasal powder spray that helps prevent and reduce respiratory illness and flu virus, whilst giving the sensation of opening up the airways, helping your little one breathe more easily. Available from www.nasaleze.com. Priced at £7.95 for a 30 day supply.

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