Child Flu-A Family Affair

What Happens to you if your child get’s Flu?

                    It’s a Family Affair

Patients Direct a UK based Medical research Company  are conducting a UK Survey to collect the evidence.

 What happens in a household if a child gets Flu?

Does this result in you having to take time off work for childcare?

Is it passed to other members of the family?

What are the disruptions to family life ?

What are the implications – for your family ? for the whole economy?

The Government have announced plans to vaccinate all children against influenza. However many parents are not convinced of the benefits or the safety of the vaccines.

Dr Neil Pumford, of Patients Direct, said: “The benefits of vaccinating children are two fold – firstly the protection for the individual child and some would say more importantly the reduced transmission to other household members especially adults. With this in mind we want to gather information to better understand the impact of flu in the family. By studying families with a working adult and at least one child under 18  we can measure the impact of flu on the family – in terms of time off work/ school and use of the NHS.”

Patients Direct is urging parents with children from across the UK to come forward and help with the survey.

Respondents will be asked to complete a short and simple questionnaire about their family, how many children are in the household, and how many in the household have contracted flu.

Patients Direct believe this survey will provide the evidence to answer some of the questions and concerns raised by parents against the widespread introduction of the childhood influenza vaccination. Patients Direct will make a donation to ChildLine for every completed survey.

The research is sponsored by a Pharmaceutical company.

The online survey, which takes just five minutes to complete, can be found at or you can call Patients Direct on Freephone Number, 0800 731 2647, and talk in confidence to a Research Nurse.

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