TomTag help with Back to School

TomTag is a new daily checklist system that promotes independence and organisational skills to children getting ready for school. It also helps them at the end of the school day when they need to know what to bring home and you’re not there to remind them. An invention from mums Clare Cusack and Deborah Watson.

A set of six sturdy coloured tags lets you list up to six items for each day of the week and the tag marked “daily” is for all those things your child needs with them every day. Over 160 stickers showing 45 different items are included in the pack. There are even some blank ones to add your own personalisation if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. All you need to do is stick one on a button, click the buttons into the tags and attach them to your child’s school bag using the strong loop provided.

At just £9.99 for the complete kit, are great value too! See for more details.

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