Top UK gadget for ‘hands-on’ daddy – one for William

Hands-on daddy Prince William will be rolling up his sleeves for baby bathtime, but might need a helping hand.  A ‘daddy-gadget’ but in the simplest sense, a clever towel he wears like an apron, so he has both hands free to safely lift slippy baby from the bathwater, and wrap it up and over to cuddle them dry.  For lovely daddy/baby bonding, and to make being a superdad look simple.

Described by dads as “fantastically simple yet brilliant”, the Cuddledry offers the perfect combination of safety and luxury.

Cuddledry designers, Helen Wooldridge and Polly Marsh, shot to fame in 2007 after appearing on BBC’s Dragons’ Den. The two mums, who were inspired to make the Cuddledry after watching their husbands struggle at bath time with slippery babies, made a big impression on the Dragons’, especially when they decided to turn down several offers of investment.

The Cuddledry comes in a range of four subtle colours – oatmeal, natural white, soft pink and soft blue – all fibres are unbleached and coloured using natural dyes. Funky dads can also enjoy the Cuddledry in cow print and wild giraffe £29.99!

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