Alpine filter earplugs

With Alpine filter earplugs you can be sure you will be giving an original Christmas gift this year!

From SleepSoft earplugs for a good night’s sleep, PartyPlug earplugs for more music experience when going out, SwimSafe for more fun in the water to FlyFit for a more relaxed journey there is a pair of Alpine earplugs for the whole family! £ 10.99.

  1. Hearing loss or ringing in your ears from loud music Who doesn’t go to a concert, festival or music event every once in a while? Make sure you do not return home with a permanent ringing in your ears after a great party! The Alpine PartyPlug music earplugs filter out the harmful noise.
  1. Sleep deprivation due to snoring partners or noisy hotel rooms Know someone who could use a good night’s sleep? Bothered by snoring partners or always having bad luck choosing the noisy hotels or hostels? Alarm clock set for a big meeting? Don’t worry, it will remain sufficiently audible. 
  1. Earaches and clogged ears due to air pressure differences in the aircraft Do you have a frequent flyer in the family? Take-off and landing can cause a tedious and even painful pressure on the ears, or cause clogged ears after landing. The exhausting engine and passenger noises can also be annoying. Alpine FlyFit earplugs have special filters that regulate the pressure difference in your ears and prevent painful pressure on the eardrum. This means: arriving well-rested and enjoying the trip even more! 
  1. Multi-functional protection for the extra sensitive hearing of children Any little ones running around that love music, have swimming lessons or maybe find it hard to concentrate sometimes? The hearing of children is in full development and extra sensitive to noise. Alpine Pluggies Kids earplugs can be used in many different situations: to prevent earaches during flights, keep water out of the ears to prevent ear infections, protect against loud noises at (music) events or to improve children’s concentration when learning or reading at school or at home. The Pluggies Kids earplugs offer the highest protection but also contain special filters so the child can still communicate or enjoy the music.
  1. Earache or ear infection after swimming Any swimming pool or beach lovers in the house? Bacteria and fungi in water and higher moisture level vs levels of acidity in the ears can cause inflammation of the ear canal and increases the risk of infection. Alpine SwimSafe earplugs prevent ear infections by keeping the water out of the ears. 
  1. Noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus due to DIY jobs Do you have a handyman for a husband, who loves to pick up a renovation or other do-it-yourself projects? Make sure he can still hear you at your next wedding anniversary, and buy him a pair of Alpine Worksafe earplugs. A lot of tools produce harmful loud noises and ear defenders may be warm and sweaty. Facebook: @alpinehearingprotection Instagram: @alpinehearingprotection Twitter : @alpinehearing

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