World Breast Feeding Week 1-7 August 2023

Whether you’re bottle or breastfeeding, a feeding pillow can offer the support you need while feeding or cuddling your little one.

In recognition of World Breast Feeding Week (1-7 August), Dreamgenii, a trusted brand that’s been assisting pregnant and new mums for over 16-years, understands how important it is to be sitting comfortably during feeding.

The Dreamgenii feeding pillow fits snugly around your waist and has the perfect level of support to allow both mum and baby to nurse comfortably.

The shape of the pillow helps ensure baby is in the correct position for a healthy latch, and keeps baby angled with their head above their tummy, aiding their digestion.

When feeding, the support of this pillow can help alleviate the strain on your arms, back, and neck, which can occur from holding and positioning the baby during feeding. By providing proper alignment and cushioning, it can reduce the risk of discomfort, muscle aches and fatigue, making feeding sessions more enjoyable and longer-lasting.

Not only alleviating the general strains from feeding, the Dreamgenii feeding pillow is ideal for mothers recovering from a C-section, relieving pressure on the abdomen whilst feeding means you can bond with your little one without discomfort.

Available with soft, 100% cotton covers, the snuggly and cosy feel of the fabric offers even more comfort for both mama and baby during feeding.

The pillow allows baby to snuggle in, providing a safe and secure environment, to promote relaxation and a stronger emotional connection during feeding. This pillow provides new mamas with unparalleled comfort, support, and convenience throughout their breastfeeding journey. Even later on it can be used later on to support baby with learning to sit upright!

Available on BabyCentral!

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