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World Breast Pumping Day was created to acknowledge the time, effort, and dedication that pumping breastmilk requires. The day dedicated to breast pumping moms is observed each year on January 27th. Whether you feed your baby directly or through pumping, we all know breastfeeding is an important experience for every mum.

The Pippeta Compact LED breast pump is an affordable compact lightweight hands free breast pump . The LED displays four different types of pump modes and each mode has 12 levels of suction power.

Massage mode: Use this to start your pumping session with as it will encourage letdown

Expression mode: This is the standard pumping mode and you can move up and down the 12 levels

Lactation mode: This mode will pull your nipple through and hold it for a longer time

Auto mode: A combination of massage and expression modes.

Testing the Pippeta breast pump: Tired (thought lack of sleep!) I watch an online video (on their web site) about this pump first.  The parts are easy to disassemble and clean and due to the silicone material, can be cleaned using a steam steriliser and in the dishwasher too. One thing to note is that the components are transparent and the smaller parts can be easy to misplace. Luckily there are extras in the box if this does happen. Bra adjustment buckles are also including which allow you to adjust the position of the pump for a comfortable fit, this was really thoughtful idea.  It had a good battery life and pumped about 6 times before I had to recharge it.

The different suction modes and levels allow you to tailor your expressing experience to fit your needs. I preferred using the massage mode as expressed the milk I required gently.

Id thoroughly recommend this breast pump.

The Original LED RRP: £69.99

With a soft silicone cup that fits snug around your breast, the Pippeta Original pump makes the journey of breastfeeding much easier.

A premium pump without the premium price tag, it’s available in two colours, Sea Salt & Ash Rose.

Classic Dual LED RRP: £89.99

This is the UK’s ONLY wearable dual & single pump! The ‘Classic’ makes it possible to pump while on the go, as well as dual pumping – no wonder it’s a market leader. Being small and lightweight this pump can be worn in 2 ways, as a dual pump (using the tubes included) or simply put inside your nursing bra, with no tubes or wires for hands-free pumping.

Compact LED RRP: £98.99

This NEW, award-winning, exclusive ‘Compact’ hands free pump, is designed with a soft silicone curved cup that fits snug around your breast. It has a massage setting and 12 suction levels across four modes.

It features a soft silicone cup that fits snug around your breast and comes with 4 modes and an amazing 12 suction levels.

The Pippeta has also won a Silver 2024 Mother&Baby Award for Best Breast Pump.

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