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Pilates for Pregnancy

A straight talking, woman-to-woman exercise guide, focusing on pelvic floor and core strength, to improve your health, mood and energy during pregnancy. One of Anya Hayes information books. Clear, step-by-step Pilates exercises, tailored for the demands of each trimester, show you how to:
Improve your posture as your bump grows
Protect your back – especially when lifting older children
The position of your baby for a better birth experience
Help you release tension and create a positive mindset for birth
Reconnect and restore your core postnatally, focusing on your pelvic floor muscles – including for Caesarean recovery.
You’ll find helpful advice and motivational tips from mums throughout, explaining how much Pilates improved their strength, birth experience and postnatal recovery, to help you prepare physically and mentally for your new arrival.

Anya Hayes is a mat Pilates instructor specialising in bumps and mums. She is a member of the Body Control Pilates Association. Anya is the author of four other books, My Pilates Guru, A Little Course in Pilates, Pregnancy: the Naked Truth, and The Supermum Myth.
Anya blogs at
Or you can find her on Instagram: @mothers.wellness.toolkit




Local Children’s charity Tree of Hope has announced they are pulling together ‘The Cook Book Sevenoaks/Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells’ in collaboration with Caroline Kings from Eat Around Tonbridge, Food Photographer Severien Vits and Events Organiser and foodie Charlotte Rogers. This one of summer’s information books will be a celebration of the chefs, restaurants and producers in West Kent and feature stories and recipes from these businesses. It has long been known that Kent has a great diversity in terms of its food and The Cook Book is also a way of bringing the local community together in a celebration of our wonderful food culture and history.

Interest in ‘The Cook Book’ has been rapidly building and with an abundance of local, well loved eateries already signed up to be in the book this promises to be a must have buy this year for all foodies. Notable locals already featuring include Whiting and Hammond, The Smallholding, Cocolicious, Fuggles Beer Café, Sulstons, local chef Russell Goad, Papermakers Arms and The Lemon Grove. Contact Kate Bourne at Tree of Hope on 01892 535525 to request your favourite dish appears- but let them know soon as the book is almost full.

Bruce McMichael of The Lemon Grove comments: “Sharing recipes, ingredients and food is a great way to build a strong, sharing, caring community, and I am proud to be working with Tree of Hope on this amazing book representing many of our towns’ innovative and creative chefs, producers and restaurateurs.”

Doug White of Fuggles Beer Café comments: “We believe that pubs still hold a place at the heart of a community and communities are all about supporting each other. We are hugely proud to be working alongside Tree of Hope and helping them support those who need it the most.”

The book will be published in conjunction with independent cook book specialists Meze Publishing who have previously published a number of best-selling regional cook books. The book will be published on November 1st and available to buy at all participating outlets and you can be sure to secure your limited edition when we release pre-order details- watch this space.

All profits from the book will raise funds for Tree of Hope which is inspired by the success of the charity’s first annual Dine and Donate campaign which took place earlier this year and raised over £10,000 for the charity.

To find out more about the work of Tree of Hope please visit


The Kitchen Science cookbook

Sizzling Science fun for Summer

Another one of  summer’s information books, world renowned nano scientist Dr Michelle Dickinson, combines science and cooking in a fabulous new book that will ensure hours of entertainment for the kids to share with parents, grandparents , friend, siblings – actually anyone who wants to have fun!

The Kitchen Science Cookbook is a beautiful, lovingly crafted “recipe” book with a unique twist – each recipe is a science experiment that you can do at home with your family, using the everyday ingredients you’ll find in your kitchen. No need to be a science expert – if you can follow a recipe you can help your children do these amazing experiments.

Each of the 50 “recipes” contains a simple introduction explaining what the experiment is about, icons identifying important details such as if the “recipe” is edible, if it requires time to ‘set’ or if there are safety issues that the reader needs to be aware of.

Readers learn all about the important scientific principles behind each recipe:

  • Solar energy by creating their very own solar ‘cookie’ oven using a pizza box, aluminium foil and lots of sunshine
  • Surface tension by making bubbles that bounce instead of popping!
  • Electro-statics by creating a magic levitating ring
  • Surfactants by making a soap powered boat that whizzes across water
  • Viscosity by mixing up scrumptious edible slime that flows like a liquid but can be rolled like a solid

Michelle has made the process of the science just as exciting as the results, so the whole process is fun from start to finish. The ‘Science Behind’ section in each experiment is to help explain the results of the recipe, and the ‘Explore Further’ section helps the reader to think about how the experiment works and suggests other tasks and challenges to see how changing the variables can change the outcome.


New Information Books Releases in August from Laurence King Publishing

Stickyscapes at the Museum

Stickyscapes at the Museum is a fun, panoramic sticker book that lets readers explore the museum of their dreams. One side of the pull-out is a busy museum during daytime – the other side the museum at night, when everything comes to life!



Find My Rocket: A Marvellous Maze Adventure

This beautiful new maze picture book, by Aleksandra Artymowska, is an adventure through 11 scenes to help a little boy find his lost rocket. With plenty of intricately drawn mazes to explore and solve.


Midnight Monsters

Grab a torch and travel through Helen Friel’s intricate papercrafted scenes, full of hidden monsters. From the werewolf in the woods to the krampus in the castle, shine a lot to spot each monster as it appears as a shadow on the wall.






Dinosaur Bingo

This is a fun twist on the classic game of bingo – with Caroline Selmes bold and fearsome dinosaur illustrations. Players can learn to recognise a Giganotosaurus, armour-plated Stefosaurus and many others as they race to be the first to shout bingo.



Baby Body Language from Pavilion Books

Another summer’s information books: Baby Body Language offers essential parenting advice and techniques to help raise children without spoiling them. The book gives parents insight into their children’s thought processes and helps them understand the meanings behind their children’s actions. It covers common parenting issues such as teething, potty training, first steps, new friends, separation anxiety, pets, and sibling rivalry. Understanding a baby’s telltale body postures and gestures can help you to be a more effective parent. As babies grow older, there are even more situations when insight into their reactions will help you understand what they are trying to say. This book will both guide and reassure any parent or caretaker in the art of communicating with babies and small children.

Emma Howard was born into an extremely large family and has been taking care of children for as long as she can remember. After working as a nanny for several years, caring for children of all ages—from newborns to adolescents—she spent time helping teachers with difficult youngsters. She has now embarked on a writing career and lives with her husband and three children in Southwest France.


More Would You Rather by John Burningham

Would you rather have breakfast with bears, lunch with a lion or dinner with ducks?

Would you like to fly with the pelicans or swim with the fish?

Would it be worse if an elephant made a terrible smell or you fell over in a field of cows?

Ask – and answer – these questions and many more in this funny, imaginative game of a book from John Burningham.


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