Keep your couch clean whatever kind of critters are crawling all over it!

Keep your couch clean whatever kind of critters are crawling all over it!

Keeping your sofa looking pristine can be a nightmare, whether you have to contend with untidy toddlers, messy middle aged men or a crusty canine. It can be a muck magnet and short of laminating it, keeping it clean can feel like a full time job. Don’t worry though, whatever is making your sofa a mess, we have a solution to keep it sparkling:

•      If you have a mutt that moults all over your sofa and you’re finding dog hairs everywhere, then there are ways of protecting your precious upholstery. Get a couple of throws to cover your couch and collect the fur on there rather than the settee. All you need to do when you want to laze is whip it off, and remember to get more than one so you can rotate when it needs a wash.

•      If it’s time to invest in a new sofa and you have grubby teens to contend with then go for a leather model. The joy of a leather sofa is that while they look stylish and sophisticated, they are also hard wearing and, best of all, wipe clean. So no more sticky fingerprints, stains and splashes of food, all you need is a damp cloth and you can wipe away all the mess your kids make.

•      If you want to ensure your sofa is well-protected from the occasional (if inevitable!) accident, it’s worth investing in an insurance plan. For example Sofology’s SofaShield Service ensures that, for a one-off fee at time of purchase, your sofa is protected for the next five years. A single phone call will summon a professional to remove any stains or repair any damage, giving you the peace of mind to just enjoy your sofa.

•      Alternatives for tiny terrors. Little tots are always one step away from making a mess, whether they are wielding their felt tips, pressing their plasticine into things or rubbing their food into the furniture. There’s no way of keeping young kids in check when it comes to cleanliness, so it’s best to have other options for them when they want somewhere comfy to sit. Get cosy cushions and beanbags so they can set up camp on the sitting room floor and keep their mucky mitts away from the upholstery.

So follow these top tips and you’ll no longer be at the mercy of the messy members of your household and stressing over the state of the sofa will be a thing of the past!

If you want to start afresh with a brand spanking new sofa then head down to one of the many Sofology sofa stores and check out their amazing range of models. Whether you want something pretty and patterned or one of the designer leather sofas from Sofology, then you’re sure to find what you’re after. If you need a little extra ‘sof-spiration’ then check out

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