Prevent Gum Sensitivity during Pregnancy with the helping hand of Beverly Hills Formula!

Sensitive and bleeding gums can be a real problem for many, but during pregnancy the issue is even more common. Hormonal changes can make your gums more susceptible to the build-up of plaque, which in turn can cause gum disease*.

Gum disease, also known as gingivitis, can easily be detected. Your gums will become swollen, sore or infected, and may bleed**. The infection also causes bad breath, which means it can impact greatly on your personal and social life too.

Nobody wants to have to go through the discomfort of problematic gums during pregnancy, so Beverly Hills Formula Dentist’s Choice Gum & Whitening Expert toothpaste is at your side to relieve and prevent sensitivity, ensuring your gums stay clean and healthy!

Dentist’s Choice Gum & Whitening Expert helps protect and maintain that all important smile by combatting sensitivity, bad breath, tartar build up, stains and debris to help prevent gum disease. The range of toothpastes also offers a more affordable way to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth in just 5 minutes, and keep your breath fresher for longer. The Beverly Hills range of toothpastes are proven to be less abrasive than many regular whitening toothpaste brands, so they are kinder to your teeth and are suitable for everyday use.

Independent research*** proved that Beverly Hills Formula toothpastes are more effective at removing stains when compared with other leading brands. Studies showed that nearly 91% of stains were removed after using Beverly Hills Formula over a 5 minute period, whilst other leading brands scored as low as 41%.

Dentist’s Choice Gum & Whitening Expert boasts a unique gum protection system that contains Vitamin E to invigorate and strengthen the gums, fluoride to protect the exposed root area, and Permethol to help reduce and stop bleeding gums. It also contains Panthenol, Q10 and Folic Acid to help promote healthy gum tissues. The extra help of the desensitising agent, Potassium Citrate, quickly and effectively blocks the transmission of pain, offering fast-acting, long-lasting protection whilst delivering a healthy, white smile.

Your teeth will be left lighter, brighter, and whiter for longer with Dentist’s Choice Gum & Whitening Expert. So be a ‘yummy mummy’ and shine with Beverly Hills Formula!

Beverly Hills Formula offer a complete Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. Beverly Hills Formula Dentist’s Choice Gum & Whitening Expert 75ml RRP: £3.49/EUR4.45 Available from Superdrug. For stockist details please call 00 35318426611

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