Red Tea Natural Skin Therapy:

A luxurious collection of nine products that combine Redbush Tea Extract, commonly known as Rooibos, with essential oils to create a range full of anti-oxidants and anti-ageing properties. Regular use of the Red Tea Natural Skin Therapy range will help lessen the appearance of skin imperfections and will make the skin look and feel healthier.

Natural, repairing and replenishing

A therapy range that contains an impressive blend of ingredients fusing redbush tea extract with pure essential oils to care for and create a healthy, younger looking skin.

The growing interest in redbush tea and redbush tea extract is due to its soothing, health giving natural properties and particularly as a powerful anti-oxidant and anti- ageing agent.

Free Radicals

Free radicals are the body’s natural enemies. They are made in the body every day in response to air pollution, ozone, not enough sleep, cigarette smoke and our busy lives.

These dangerous molecules rampage around the body damaging cells that cause ageing and disease.


Anti-oxidants can neutralise these free radicals and are the body’s natural protectors.

The aim is to have a balance between these natural enemies and protectors. Anti- oxidants are the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and flavonoids that help to prevent the damage and ageing effect caused by free radicals.

Boasting 50 times the anti-oxidant properties of green tea – redbush tea extract with the powerful anti-oxidant properties has real benefits for natural skin therapy by limiting their damaging effect on the skin.

The story starts…

Redbush Tea, known as Rooibos in South Africa, comes from the far away mountains of Cape Town where it has been used for many centuries by African Tribes and Bushmen as a major source of nutrients.

The healthy properties of the tea are relatively new to Western cultures but scientists in South Africa and Japan proved long ago that Rooibos, has many beneficial health effects.

The high antioxidant content is due to the concentrations of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) that redbush tea contains. SOD is an enzyme that protects oxidative damage, functioning as a prime scavenger of free radicals and is extremely anti-inflammatory. This is a major key to feeling and looking younger.

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